Message from the Hon. President

As we have entered in the 21st century and rushing for instant changes of development and way of living in society. Everybody wants to obtain the efficient opportunities. The parents are enthusiastically aware about the race of the life in which there wards have to walk . ATMA MALIK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is the complete school, where the parents are looking for the realization of their dreams . It is the earnest effort of our “Sadguru Vishwatmak Atma Malik Mauli” to bring back the glorious ancient Indian teaching methods with modern facilities.

AMIS provides not only academics but also sports, performing arts & social projects, moreover the students of AMIS will get the opportunity to practice what they have learned and perform their skills beyond academics. As we know children are the assets of the nations as they grow, the nation grows and prosperous. The aim of this school is to establish an educational institution where everyone will get equally educated in spiritual environment. Moreover an educational institution where “Parents can demand”.

The philosophy of the education holds that education is directed towards all round development of human personality, it is a process of physical, intellectual and spiritual growth. While the primary function of the school is the transmission of cultural heritage which is usually designed as intellectual training, yet at all times the school like every other educational agent is dealing with the human being as a whole. This human personality is always a unitary thing and cannot be dissected or divided. The development and training of the intellectual powers is intended to result in skill in the use of reason, but this skill is in turn to be applied to changing situations in which the child finds himself in life in the school, at home and in the community. We believe that your dynamic co-operation and loving faith will motivate us in future to fulfill the requirements of your children.

Message from the Hon. Executive President

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. I am delighted you are considering ATMA MALIK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL as a place of learning and growth for your child. An empowered individual is the one who has the knowledge, skill, desire and opportunity to succeed our new generation is drifting away from the reality due to the influence of metropolitan life, materialism and western culture. It is necessary to bring them back to the stream of our rich culture, which is capable to produce masterminded citizens. That is why the Holistic development of our students is considered very seriously.

The virtual reality in the universe is the existence of “ATMA” (Divine Soul). To recognize this AMIS, in its spiritual environment will teach them “MEDITATION” (DHYAN) which will help them to recognize and activate their inner – sense as well as to realize the importance of their existence too. Thus AMIS’s earnest effort to build a peaceful tomorrow can be full filled. Today’s world is rapidly evolving. Children today are digital natives, comfortable with interacting through digital interfaces that have transformed basic concepts of learning and education. At AMIS, we’ve understood this fact and have implemented smart learning and experiential techniques in our schools. In AMIS we inculcate values of all-round development within the students. Our teachers are continuously assisting our student to develop their self-confidence and creating a habit of success.School leadership is crucial to ensure the best quality of schooling. We choose to look at our teachers as educators and our school principal as leader.Our leader and educators play the key role in creating the right organizational conditions to implement effectiveness and success.

Our comfortable educator/student ratio ensures each student gets the attention they deserve. Our commitment is to work with parents in endeavoring to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to explore their full potential.It is in the spirit of meeting this challenge that we seek to work with parents as an extended family. We are always hands-on in helping a student diagnose their academic problems and providing guidance for parents. Lastly, by the grace of our Sadguru Om Gurudev Mauli I want to ensure that the time your child will spend at AMIS, he / she will have a rewarding and an enjoyable experience. I invite you to visit ATMA MALIK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Mohili, Shahapur to know more about the uniqueness of AMIS.

Message from the Principal

India stands at a crucial stage. It has many advantages including a predominantly young population and is of the world’s fastest growing economics. All across the globe there is interest in India as an coming global power. In these inspiring times, the biggest challenge is to prepare the youth who are educated and capable, with skills and the intellectual capacity to meet the various needs and requirement for developing the nation. We have to be able to complete with the finest minds in the world. In this, education occupies a crucial position.

The education system in ATMA MALIK INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, looks at the holistic development of the youth of the country in this context, I would like to emphasize on the three aspects which are of the almost focus in my school and which are very important for the overall Development of children.

One, education is about knowledge; second, knowledge without values is incomplete. It is a value system that can prepare the younger generation to become responsible citizens who contribute to the welfare of society and advancement of the human act, the third aspect which is important is to build a spirit of working together constructively.

I promise an adherence of the above. Together WE CAN AND WE WILL steer the change.